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Telewellness Community provides support for doctors, patients and wellness specialists. We have created a community of vetted, highly qualified, passionate wellness specialists to support people between the office visits and during the necessary changes that need to occur to lead healthier lifestyles.



Now you can offer your patients a personalized care team without any additional work hours added to your day. We want to support you in helping patients find the best services based on your recommendations.



We want to help you stand out as an expert, acquire more clients and truly make a difference in your community and beyond.  Think of us as your own personal marketing team as we help you grow your brand, your business and your community.

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The Tele Wellness Community Journey

Tele Wellness Community was founded to provide comprehensive services that support and foster the health of those that need more support , empathy and options to improve their well-being. We want to support connections between doctors and highly qualified wellness professionals to create the very best options for patients and the community you live in. Please join our discussion forum and follow us on social media.

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