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Bridging the gap with Telewellness

A patient goes to a doctor and amongst the multitude of aches and pains going on, the only thing the doc can really offer is a prescription and advice to seek out a specialist to help with the other needs.

So the patient does just that and unfortunately hires a person overpromising and incapable of delivering the care or services the patient needs.

To make things worse, the patient feels defeated, frustrated and not sure what to do because the next available appointment with the doc is 3 months out

and they live an hour away.

This is why telewellness is so important to every community. Doctors need stress taken off of them when it comes to supplying their patients with ancillary services. Both the doctor and patient need optio

ns to choose from with confidence. And wellness professionals that are highly qualified and experienced need a way to differentiate themselves.

The hope with this community is to serve a bigger purpose of truly increasing options as well as improving them. As we have learned during the pandemic, we have to be much more proactive with offerings and delivery options.

TWCPRO, telewellness community pros, will become a golden standard in the industry based on the process we have developed for vetting, qualifying and onboarding wellness specialists and providers. We hope to become the " Angie's List" for wellness.

Stay tuned to this blog for more information on the community itself as well as deep dives into special options and practices available. We will also transcribe our podcast and publish here.

Here's to bridging the gap and improved wellbeing for all.

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