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We are excited to interview you on the Telewellness Podcast!

Please review the following information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to 

Podcast Details


  • Please make sure you have a quiet space to conduct our recording.

  • Have a microphone or earbuds with a microphone to ensure great sound quality.

  • We love to record our sessions live as well on Streamyard so feel free to present yourself as dressed up or casual as you want. 

  • We typically suggest putting a note on your door indicating that you are recording so no one surprises you with a doorbell or knocking on the door.

  • If you love recording behind the scenes, feel free to set up your camera to record part of the podcast as well. 


  • Please send a picture for marketing and posting options. You should be the only person in the photo and it shouldn't have any text, overlays or distractions.

  • Include links you want us to share and additional items like your book, blog, podcast, website, etc.​..


Send emails to


We truly want to create value for the listeners so we typically have set questions to ask and leave a lot of room for off-the-cuff conversation. Podcast typically runs 30-60 minutes

Podcast flow​

  •  Intro

  •  Your wellness backstory

  •  We will discuss a specific topic chosen when you applied

  •  Open discussion and/or answer live questions coming in during the podcast

  •  We finish with your contact info and how people can find you on social media etc...


After the recording, we will post release dates on our platforms and send you options to share on yours as well.


The live podcasts are immediately available on our TWC YouTube channel and Facebook.


Feel free to share all publicly posted information and let us know if you would like any additional media.


Remember to stay in touch with us for future events as well on our social media profiles or our forum here on the website. Share your expertise as often as you wish.

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